Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Walking Among Flowers

Tiny feet, 42 of them, invisible to me at least--I wasn't looking, somehow tiptoed into my kitchen sink from a canning jar bouquet of field flowers. Identifying which Coleopterans these were anyways, I came to a site of adventures, Walks Among Flowers, with information in a charming narrative.

Invisible hours, hundreds tiptoeing by while I wasn't looking, brought different bugs these many months, some from where no water springs or flowers grow. But, the day's delights continue including that so far, the sun is still shining, the fields are still blooming, the ocean still makes rocks into sand, and I'm pretty sure more tiny feet will arrive with the next bouquet.

Here is a photo from the travels of Tony and Val, who have walked around the whole border of England, some 2,500 miles.