Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pennies from Heaven

Cracked blacktop, dirty, gritty ones,
From muddy gutter water ones,
Surprising, under sidewalk shoes
Seen but left, for whom to choose.
Sunny, windswept, sanded ones,
Streetlight neon-flashing ones,
Coppershiny ones in pairs,
Paired with quarters on the stairs.
Mostly next are tiny dimes,
Found in moonlight's guiding ray.
Then, at least expected times,
A lonely dollar greens the day.
Oh! The grateful thanks in taking,
Ah! Love's hopes are not forsaken.


  1. Funny, at first glance I thought that said RENNIES from heaven. =)

  2. She is, she is! I just printed out that picture of her twirling in front of the Waterlilies. I'm going to check the detail I showed my art class--I think it was the very same painting you showed her at the same time!

  3. ohhh...I will look at found (or maybe lost) pennies with such a warm feeling from now on.

  4. Do you know about the heads-up rule? If you find a penny heads-up, pick it up and you will have good luck all day. If you find a penny heads-down, turn it over and leave it there so that the next person can find it heads-up and get the good luck!

  5. Oh! That's a neat idea. Eh wee pot-o'-gold paed farward. :o)