Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farm Night with Baby

Tick tock
Dream shock
Awake blick
Asleep block
Midnight click
Moonlight clock
Blanket quick
Frantic frock
Cramp leg kick
Cold foot sock
Baby sick
Cradle rock
Flutter wick
Stumble talk
Nestless chick
Lonely walk
Starry crick
Foggy flock
Freckles’ lick
Backdoor lock
Climbing stick
Stairway stalk
Eyelid plick
Body balk
Pillow thick
Feather dock
Tick shhh
Tock shhh
Zick shhh
Zock zzzzz


  1. oh my word.
    where have you been.
    it's about time.
    I am so excited you have a blog.
    this will be so much fun.
    I love you, aunt e.

  2. if you tell me that you wrote this poem, I am going to FLIP!

    love you!!

  3. I did. :o) There are more. I used to keep a notebook by my bedside, um, before computers. :o)

  4. I called Joann and read it to her over the phone. I love seeing/hearing this side of you. :-)